3D product photography equipment and studio

  • Fotorobot.cz is company developing and providing 360 degree product photography equipment. It contains a lot of robots for automatical taking photographies like robotic turntable kit, turning platforms, cubes, robotic arms and control units. Using these equipments you can automatically shoot a huge amount of photographies of your products from any positions or angles. Then you could make a 360 degree product photography from taken photographies. Special software can combine taken photographies to a 3D product photography. Then you simply paste these 360 degree product photographies in product detail page at your eshop. You can take a photography of any kind of product or thing like watches, glasses, shoes, cars or even live models. In case you don't want to buy this equipment, it is possible to bring your products to Fotorobots 360 degree studio and take a 360 product photography of each from your products. Try Fotorobot's 3D product photography equipment and studio to take professional 3D photographies of your products.

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